Our Mission

Our mission is to support pediatric cancer nonprofit organizations and hospitals by raising awareness, fundraising for research, advocacy initiatives, encourage and empower other kids to get involved.Help the mission of community centers and organizations in developing countries that support children growing up in poverty.We all can make a difference together.

About Us

Veca’s Hope Children Foundation is providing hope, comfort, support, and anything needed to touch a life, a children’s life. We are very active on community affairs with open ears always looking to provide a helping hand.We invite you to join us and be part of the wonderful experience and joy it brings when you also help a child that needs our support.

Help Us Deliver Hope

Increasing awareness is the first step to raising more advocacy and support for childhood cancer programs and research.

We can Go Gold however we want; the possibilities are endless.  Kids helping other kids to raise awareness!

No child should grow up in poverty in developing countries, let’s all do our part to help!

We Walk for All Warriors

Warriors are those who faced pediatric cancer, are currently battling cancer and those we have lost too soon. We honor and celebrate them all.

Want to go the extra mile for kids with cancer? Supporters everywhere join together to track the miles that they walk, run and cycle.

Let’s participate all together, run your favorite race while fundraising to support research. Help end childhood cancer 

Let our heroes and supporters inspire you!
#fitnesschallenge #warriorstrong

In the U.S. each year, an estimated

Children from ages 0 - 19 are diagnosed with cancer.

About 1 in

Children will be diagnosed with cancer before their 20th birthday in the U.S.

In the world, there are over

children diagnosed with cancer every year.


0 %
of children diagnosed with cancer will not survive in the U.S.


0 min.
A family is told that their child has been diagnosed with cancer.

In the world, there are over

# 0
cause of death by a disease for children in the U.S.

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Please help us deliver hope by donating and making a difference in a child's life.

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